SPOT On-rack Filecoin Miner

Function FIL  PoST  Air-cooling Miner
Specifications 4300T
38,888 $/Unit
Shipping Date
SPOT Already hosted in a data center
Payment Method
*Note: After purchasing the mining machine, you need to go to ANTPOOL to purchase a hosting package for it to take effect. Please see product description below for details.

On-rack Filecoin Miner

BITMAIN and ANTPOOL have formed a strong alliance. A new "Mining + Hosting" standardized product has come.

The "Purchase + Hosting" process

| Step 1: Purchase Miners from BITMAIN

Filecoin miner introduction (4300T per unit)

Product Overview

Model On-rack Filecoin Miner (Storage Server) 
Cryptocurrency FIL
Effective storage capacity 430TiB
Hashrate 4300TiB


Detailed Specifications


Miner size Height 176mm x Width 481mm x Depth 825mm
Gross weight (including: host machine, packaging box, slide rail, accessory box) 67kg
Operating temperature 5°C to 35°C
Storage temperature With packaging: -40°C to +70°C; Without packaging: -40°C to +55°C
Operating humidity 10% to 90% R.H.
Storage humidity With packaging: 10% to 93% R.H.; Without packaging: 10% to 93% R.H.

Hardware Parameters

CPU Intel_Xeon(R)_Silver4210R*1
Power 280W
Memory DDR4_32GB_2933MHz_RDIMM*3
System disk 480G_SSD_SATA3*2
Data disk 16T_HDD_SATA3*36
Network card 2 ports, 10Gb/s Fiber Optic Interface with 1 module.
Power supply 1200W*2




Miner cost (4.45$/T) $19,131 
Encapsulation computing service fee (1.3$/T)  $5,544
540-day mining operation and maintenance fee (including IDC leasing, IDC operation and maintenance, proof servers, node servers, and other maintenance costs during the 540-day hosting period) $14,213

| Step 2: Host Miners with ANTPOOL

Introduction to 540-day full hosting service (4300T/unit)

Product Overview

Service type Full hosting
Service content Encapsulation, Operation and Maintenance, Node Proof
Hosting period 540 days



Mining service fee 10% of the total daily earnings received
Management fee (Estimated at 2.5% of the total output for 540 days) Estimated 502 FIL (Dynamic adjustment, based on the actual payment page of ANTPOOL)
Encapsulation gas fee Estimated 1680 FIL (Based on the actual payment page of ANTPOOL)
Quantity of staked coins (Based on the current sector's staking amount) Estimated 29400 FIL (Dynamic adjustment, based on the actual payment page of ANTPOOL)
Delegated staking service fee (Monthly service fee rate of 0.5%, deducted daily from the earnings on a pro-rata basis) Estimated 2640 FIL (Please refer to the actual calculation provided on the ANTPOOL payment page)
Estimated effective date Effective from the date of successful payment of all fees
Payment time Automatic coin transfer once per day from 08:00 to 16:00 (HKT)

Step 3: Check Daily Earnings on ANTPOOL

The mining earning releasing mechanism of fIL FIL daily mining output, where 25% is directly credited, and the remaining 75% is released linearly over 180 days
Actual daily earning Daily mining  earning - Mining fees - Delegated staking service fee

Step 4: Renew Service or Retrieve Miners

1.Continued Hosting:

After the first 540-day mining service, users have the option to renew for a second 540-day mining service. There is no need to pay for Miner Fee, Encapsulation Computing Service Fee, Encapsulation Gas Fee, and Management Fees. Only the Mining Machine Operation and Maintenance Fee + staked coins (or Delegated Staking Service Fee) need to be paid. This allows users to enjoy the subsequent 540-day mining rewards at a further reduced cost (with a deduction of 10% Mining Service Fee). (*Note: Please make sure to confirm the renewal 30 days prior to the service ending date. If not confirmed, it will be consider that you choose not to renew service.)

2.Termination of Hosting:

Upon the end of the 540-day hosting service, users have the option to terminate the hosting service. We will return the user's staked coins (if any), and upon payment of shipping costs, we will send back the Filecoin mining machine hardwares to the user.

3.Early Termination of Hosting:

It is not recommended to terminate the hosting service before the service ending date. If a user wishes to terminate the hosting service earlier due to special circumstances, all fees paid upfront (Miner Fee, Encapsulation Computing Service Fee, Encapsulation Gas Fee, Operation and Maintenance Fee, Management Fee) will not be refunded. Additionally, according to the requirements of the Filecoin mining mechanism, the staked coins paid by the user can only be refunded after the 540-day hosting period. If the user has used delegated staking services, they will need to pay the remaining Delegated Staking Service Fee before retrieving the mining machine.